What are Coax Connectors?

Coax connectors are electrical connectors that operate in a number of frequency ranges. Coax connectors, used in conjunction with coaxial cable, are designed to minimize the loss or attenuation of an electromagnetic signal as it travels through a circuit. Coax connectors may also be attached to PCB or Printed Ciruit Boards via surface mount or edge mount placement. Most coax connectors operate at 50 ohms, however 75 ohm coax connectors are often used in the broadcast industry. Due to an increasing demand and size of wireless technology applications, coax connectors are being engineered to meet the needs of space critical applications. The microminiature IPX connector avalailable from LTI features a mating height of only 2.5mm making it ideal for compact mobile applications. Outdoor applications often require more rugged, weatherproof coax connectors, such as an N-Type coax connector. LTI manufactures a broad range of coax connectors as well as coax cable assemblies, including FCC regulation-specific connectors such as reverse polarity.

IPX Coax Connectors
IPX coax connector
SMA Coax Connectors
SMA coax connector
SMB Coax Connectors
SMB coax connector
SSMB Coax Connectors
SSMB coax connector
SMC Coax Connectors
SMC coax connector
MCX Coax Connectors
MCX coax connector
MMCX Coax Connectors
MMCX coax connector
MC CARD Coax Connectors
MC CARD coax connector
TNC Coax Connectors
TNC coax connector
BNC Coax Connectors
BNC coax connector
N-TYPE Coax Connectors
N-TYPE coax connector
F-TYPE Coax Connectors
F-TYPE coax connectors
UHF Coax Connectors
UHF coax connector
Mini-UHF Coax Connectors
Mini-UHF coax connector
G coax connector